Impact’s One Stop Shop is a cooperation program aiming to accomplish projects of different nature, successfully and smoothly, with absolute synergy. Taking advantage of the communicational synergies, this program offers outstanding administrative and financial benefits.

Impact’s One Stop Shop means no more communication gaps, delays and budget waste. Impact’s One Stop Shop ensures that companies achieve maximum usage of outsourcing, save on man-hours and also manage their budget optimally, with spectacular results. The dynamic synergy between actions in all levels and sectors of communication creates unique results and leads to a spectacular boost in sales statistics.

A single of briefing, a single control centre, a single order location, a dedicated collaborator with comprehensive discounts for above and below the line activities.
Impact’s comprehensive through the line, One Stop Shop offers strategic values, benefits and possibilities. This cooperation program can be designed in a unique way. As unique as the needs and the goals of every cooperation.

The discount policy of the One Stop Shop cooperation proves the excellent value for money provided by Impact. Choose the One Stop Shop with Impact model and exploit the benefits of your decision. Learn more about our discount policy and year end rebate that you are entitled to today.