Extended knowledge, experience and innovation are the keys for making the difference in instore campaigns and manage communication projects.

Impact’s beloved motto is “Commercially Right”, that creativity based on commercial philosophy and solid substantiation.


Instore Campaigns

Powerful instore and effective campaigns raise immediately sale numbers. Common identity through all different types of stores. Common identity and synergy with the above the line campaign. Uniqueness in shelf where most consumer decisions are being made. Creation of an appropriate Instore atmosphere to promote sales

New Products Launches

Study on the uniqueness and the advantages of the product. Study on the competitive products. Inspired branding. Distinctive and innovating packing. White and printed mock-ups for durability tests and contract packaging optimization. New, second points of sale and distinguished creative constructions in store. Merchandisers’ suits, printed material and sampling. Absolute synergy with all communication and promotional activities.

Point Of Sale_Stands

Floorstands, counter stands, product trays, shelf trays with the excellent use of different materials. The materials the stands are made of include carton, paper, plastic, wood, metal and Plexiglass. Tailor-made proposals, which promote the products and influence consumers; with experience and production know-how, stands last longer and cost less. They can be used in supermarkets, hypermarkets, pharmacies, kiosks, malls, shopping centres, retail stores, shops in shop etc. They are provided assembled or flat-packed according to circumstances and needs.


Digital Signage & Net Media

Net Media is a complete indoor and outdoor system consisting of a special study, screens, digital signage software, content creation, installation, distribution and an advertising management system based on sales-driven goals. Net Media maximizes sales through networked digital signage ads displayed at high-traffic venues and Points of Sale (POS) creating an exciting new customer experience. This unique experience through daily renewable dynamic digital signage content has proved to be a powerful traffic generator, enhancing impulse buying and achieving excellent results. Net Media is tailor-made according to the products’ and/or campaign’s needs.


Point Of Sale Material

Shelf pointers with wobblers, coupons and holders, posters, brochures, flyers, banners, printed sampling materials, cards, decorative materials, floorprints and 3D floorprints, balloons, promoter and roll-up movable stands. This is just an indicative list of items that can be produced to cover the needs of instore product promotions. The quantities and combinations of point of purchase material that Impact produces cut down costs and maximize products awareness.


Multisensorial POS

Multisensorial POS Theatres are dynamic indoor and outdoor constructions that communicate messages and promote sales taking advantage of consumers’ senses. A multisensorial POS Theatre activates Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch. Sense activation triggers impulsive buying and is proven to maximize sales and awareness. Leading stores already use Multisensorial POS Theatres to increase the cases of entire product categories. As consumers, kids and their parents and adult couples are driven to purchase more when they enter a movable, fragrant, multicolour, multishape Theatre, hearing relevant sounds and music while they are treated to chocolates and balloons. These “lucky” consumers feel the need to spend more time near the promoted products, in an excellent mood with a great possibility to purchase more.


InStore Theaters

InStore Theatres are dynamic constructions placed indoors or outdoors, which transform stores, rooms, commercial points, supermarket and hypermarket halls, shops in shop, shop-windows, malls. From 10 to 10000 square meters, InStore Theatres create the conditions for increasing impulsive buying and transform the POSs into pleasant walks in the world of shopping. Technically, there is not limit to the InStore Theatres’ possibilities, nor to Impact’s ability to combine different innovating materials and new technologies. The commercial part and philosophy of InStore Theatres is based on studies of market trends and the relationship between products and consumers, so that product locations can be redefined after relevant study, if that is legitimate. The transformation of the places can be total and begin from the formation of the floor to the designing of the shelves, windows, decorative surfaces, ceiling etc. The customer is informed and participates effectively-if desired- in the study of the place, and can approve the photorealistic real-life representation of the place before the beginning of production. The installation is made on time, directly, with particular attention to detail and on non-working hours for the POS.


Direct to Consumer Campaigns    

Direct Marketing is an interactive marketing tool, which creates countable sales or responses. A direct to consumer communication through different means raises awareness and loyalty through sampling and purchase. Interactive media that are usually used include the internet, email, text messages, Telemarketing – Inbound & Outbound calls. A more traditional direct to consumer approach includes promotional materials such as discount coupons in envelopes sent to the target group. All means have a successful outcome providing qualitative communication and the opportunity for the target group to respond and be a part of the campaign. CRM – loyalty programmes that provide consumer identification, consumer rebate policy, face-to-face communication with aiming to loyalty, top of mind awareness and direct sales.


Business Public Relations

Methodical, programmed, constant, consistent activities to create and preserve mutual understanding, trust and goodwill relations. Business sociability services, fame, prestige, image, target group training, media training, image recovery.


Conferences & Event support

Planning and Management of conferences and events. Printed matter and Kits. Posters and invitations. Banners and Stands. Outdoor and Indoor Signage. Conference gifts and event giveaways.