Shops in shop, Second points of sale, infokiosks, Recycling stations, Launch stands with innovative use of combinations of materials. Creative ideas according to plan. This in-depth analysis of needs gives rise to robust proposals and innovative ideas.

  • Productions & Constructions

We use all prepress and printing methods with the latest printing machines. Offset, silk – printing, rotogravure, flexography, digital, wide format printing. Appropriate use of all methods of processing carton, paper, metal, wood, Plexiglas, polystyrene, PET, vinyl. Skilled technicians combine different materials and assembly by different methods. Mechanical design and custom constructions. Production – Construction knowhow


  • Project Management

Organizations and companies continue to grow in scope and goals – taking on even more complicated projects – but they do not necessarily make the same progress in their project management practices. Research shows project failure rates have actually increased. Even more disturbingly, failure rates increase with the size of the project. Project management expertise is always available from Impact when the project should be accomplished smoothly.


  • Industrial Design

Inspired design and development aiming directly to the generation and construction of innovative ideas or concepts. Creative design, through conceptualization, sketches, drawings, drafts and renderings, are used to explore the unseen and unforeseen, to resolve problems and create tools, products, devices and machines that add value, convenience or comfort. Impact also studies the use, function, consumer’s needs and way of use.   Quick visualization capabilities and thumbnail drawings to help envision and create new ideas, forming conceptual designs from the consumer’s point of view.


  • 3D Μodeling & Animation

3 dimensional design capabilities turn ideas and sketches into real images. New product presentation in action in virtual environments make decisions easier. Photorealistic excellence in combination with precise modelling is the key to outstanding outcomes. 3D heroes and virtual actors take part in TV commercials or video presentations. Virtual reality in action


  • Exhibitions Support

Planning, designing and implementation of exhibition stands. Lighting study. 3D presentations. Promotional printed matter and mass distribution giveaways


  • Turnkey Solutions

Tailor-made turn key solutions. Combination of all knowledge fields makes Impact a reliable partner to work with. Consultancy with a scope to accomplish complicated projects. Complete turnkey solutions for you.